Thursday, August 14, 2008

Florida Campus Leaders meet Dr. Susan

(1) Ginnie Anderson, Panhellenic Prez at Florida Gulf Coast U
(2) DR. SUSAN (3) Layton Hicks, Student Body Prez at Florida State U.
(4) Emily Parsons, Artist and Student Advocate at Florida Atlantic U.
(5) Issac Roman, Student Gov't Prez at Florida Gulf Coast U.
(6) KELLY ADDINGTON (co-facilitator)
(7) Andy Collins, Student Body Prez at Florida A&M U.

Okay, so who are these amazing young people and what is Dr. Susan
doing among them?

Answer: I'm doing what I always do...COMMUNICATING BEYOND
OUR DIFFERENCES (this also just happens to be the title of my book)

This time I'm with Class X of College Leadership Florida, a statewide
community of leaders chosen from every college campus and united
for one week in August to learn about the Kennedy Space Center,
Governor Crist and the Florida Legislature, how to balance the annual
state budget, and....(wait for it)....PSYCHO-GEOMETRICS.

These students are holding up their preferred Psycho-Geo SHAPES:
Ginnie the Circle
Layton the Triangle
Emily the Rectangle
Issac the Squiggle
Andy the Box

Each shape represents a unique communication style. Once people
understand their own style, they can begin to understand others.

I teamed up with my bud and colleague, Kelly Addington this time
and we had SO much fun. We learned that these Campus heavy-
hitters also know how to have fun.
Circles drink beer,
Boxes prefer red wine,
Triangles are martini drinkers and
Squiggles order Sex on the Beach.

So much for academics.

Stay tuned.... Dr. Susan

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